July 21st, 2003



I worked Saturday and Sunday, long enough for me to consider them full working days, which helped make up for my sick days last week.

I also managed to rough out a good bit of my next noir story, which I mention because I know some people are interested, but honestly, I'd kind of prefer if people didn't comment on that right now--like, in any way, shape, or form, not even to hint at one's feelings, because the subject just leaves me queasy at the moment. I need to get a new story done before I'll feel able to face any discussion of the series. I mean, six months since I last posted. It's like looking at a pair of favorite jeans and realizing they are now six sizes too small. I can hardly face it.

This isn't a slap at people's e-mails by the way--if you've sent me one recently about noir, that's fine. More than fine. It's lovely of you. I just think I need to make my LJ a noir-free zone until I finish something.

Moving on. I haven't had a lot to say lately. I keep thinking vaguely I need to post, but then I realize I have nothing to say and realize how boring I'll be if I post under such conditions, like I'm being right. this. moment. Or I realize that if I do say anything, it's likely to be a grouchy snap. Which is worse than boring, I tend to think, though from the posts I've seen in the last three years of reading LJ, I know not everyone shares that opinion.

In lieu of actual content, here's a link to a comment I made elsewhere. That was it. I shot my wad for the night.

postscript: recs

It occurred to me I could use my powers for good instead of evil lumpish yawning. During the last few days I read Resonant's amazing HP (Draco/Harry) story, Transfigurations, which was grown-up and long and rich and brainy and awesome (all adjectives which could describe a supermodel, I suddenly realize) and in short, way cool. If you go to Resonant's main page you also have the choice of reading chapter by chapter.

And then I read nwhepcat's Dormant Magics in its entirety and was wowed by the Xanderness of it all. I'm late to the party on that one, I suspect. Y'all have probably read it already. And Resonant's too, actually. I read in odd little spurts, out of synch with the rest of fandom.

I have no tiredness and I must sleep. Damn.



I'm just in an asky mood lately. Toady Today I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find an MP3 online of a song or songs by Kane. I've been thinking about buying CK's CD for the longest time, but the combo of price and uncertainty about what it sounds like has stopped me.

In return, I offer this page I found with several ASH MP3s. I have had a few of these songs in .ram format for a while, but was looking for a different format and stumbled a load of other stuff I didn't have, which I'm very excited about. Listen to "I Can't Stand the Rain" for instance--despite the ambient noise, he gives me chills. Actually, sorry, what I mean to say is, THE MAN GIVES ME FUCKING CHILLS!!! I would so do him. Repeatedly.


(Though most of you probably know this already: remember not to link to other people's MP3s, as this steals their bandwidth.)


paranoia at five p.m.

So last night I was not tired and had to sleep, and then I got tired and couldn't sleep. And then I was tired all fucking day. And it seems to breed in me a vague work-related paranoia and irritation. Am I appreciated enough? Do people understand that I'm loaded with work and I'm actually *working*? Do people think I'm slacking? What do those little looks mean? Or am I just imagining them? Do people like me?

I feel in a bitey mood. Like, "Bite me!" Or maybe, "I'll bite you!" Or maybe, "Take a bite out of crime!" ...no, strike that last one. Replace "crime" with "brownie".

I wonder if my car will carry me to Scarecrow Video and back without killing me. My need for fresh MST3K tapes is almost a nutritional deficit....