June 27th, 2003


um. yum.

Watched the new series "Dead Like Me" tonight on Showtime. Did anyone else catch it? I am taking a moment here to declare Callum Blue the new flavor of cheesecake. He is a hotness to behold, with a Glenn Quinnlike sort of twinkle. I didn't mean to watch this week--accidental surfing--but I think I'll probably end up watching again next, if only to lick see him. The show itself isn't bad either. Kind of a Six Foot Under Lite, from the opposite side of the winding sheet.

I am in a strange mood. I think this is the 30-odd-days-sober mood--I've been here a few times before--characterized by immobility, absence of thought, antisocial tendencies, and a desire to lie on my couch and watch every single one of my MST3K tapes for the tenth time. I am supposed to go to a fannish bash tomorrow but I don't know if I'm going to make it.

I resist connection with people. It takes all my effort just to distract myself with TV.