May 17th, 2003



I just watched twelve straight hours of Queer as Folk. My neck feels funny, and my head. Plus at some point I staggered out for soup and cake. Brought it back, ate it while gazing glaze-eyed at the screen.

Men cuddling. Men: puppies. The sweetness: to die for.

But never mind that. Boring technical question for DVD aficionados: at what point do digital artifacts drive you to return a DVD? Season two, disc one: I'm watching this, and all the way through, most heavily in the first two eps, it has overlapping frames--the last frame of one scene, first frame of the next, different scene--that creates this "smearing" effect during scene cuts, very distracting. These are pre-watched rental store discs, but the problem doesn't seem related to damage. So I exchange it and the new disc has the same problem. Then in disc two, some more of the same, plus there's this place where the action freezes for a few seconds.

* Is it common for production batches of DVDs to have the same type of problems? Would buying an entirely different set be likely to solve this?

* Or is this frame-overlapping problem so common to the DVD medium that most people just learn to ignore it?

* Does anyone else own these discs and have the same problem?

It might be a pain in the ass to return them, I think. The discs were sold separately, but even if it's just one disc that's the problem, there's no point in returning just one, as if I wanted to buy them new, I'd have to replace them as a set.

If I could keep my eyes propped open I'd just keep watching until I merged with my sofa.

...sweet cuddly men...