May 14th, 2003


happy happy morning

I'm still giddy, oh so giddy, etc etc.

mustangsally78 says thoughtful things about next season's Angel, with casting spoilers--and by the way, can someone please tell me the expiration date of fall casting "spoilers"? When is it safe to abandon cut-tags? Is there consensus? I mean, some people have gone tagless already, but I've also seen recent requests from other people to keep cut-tags on the subject.

anniesj gives me a happy with her End of Days review.

I want to say, I'm very grateful that there's this whole trend of warning people about negative reviews, because I do skip them. I like having a buzz. It's so rare that I do feel happy, that when I've got the mood I want to keep it. So I say thank you to people for that! :)

Today I am a fluffy bunny. Fear me, Anya! Fear me! I will hop all over you with my hoppy happy legs!

...I am such a dork.


I am amused. Because surely they're not mocking me, right? ...right? Okay, I once wrote an erotic fan-fiction story involving a cucumber, but I was young and foolish, and my guys were locked in a walk-in.

Sigh. I am so going to hell.

Stolen from the ever cute kormantic.


Man, this is so sad...

If you charted a graph of my relationship with QaF--and it wouldn't be hard, just scroll back a bit--it'd be the hardest case of fannish whiplash ever.

Ep 1: Wow, I hate this show.
Ep 2: No, wait--I really hate this show.
Ep 3: This show needs to DIE! DIE! DIE!
Ep 4: Huh, I think I kind of like this show.
Ep 5: Shit, this is getting pretty good.
Ep 6: Oh Michael, you stupid bitch! Justin, baby! Open your eyes! Can't you see how bad Brian, that bastard, that lean, pouty-lipped... mmm, strangely compelling... bastard! is for you? Fuck. I think I may be hooked on this show.
Ep 7: Yes. Yes, I am hooked on this show. I am so fucked. I'd better go rent the rest.
Ep 8: "Yes, I only see discs 2-6 for 'Queer as Folk' season two for sale and that's just silly because I NEED THE COMPLETE SET, WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE HAVE THE COMPLETE SET?!"
Ep 9: Thank you for shopping!, because of course I also need to own season one after I'm done watching the rentals.

Brian. Justin. Yes. Yes. YES, I'm going to say it, okay? Just this one time.

Squeeeee! Theirloveissopure!

(Actually, it's kind of impure and terribly, terribly wrong, but that's even better.)

Oh god. I just spent two hundred dollars. Someone help me to the divan, please....