May 13th, 2003


Go, chica.

Yet again, anniesj says things so I don't have to, this time about that Salon article. And she says it way more articulately than the few grunts I was going to make. I disagree with the article's basic premise, agree with some of its points--that there wasn't enough done with Spike's soul arc, that they cut lines they shouldn't have, that there wasn't enough Willow and Xander this season, etc. The comparison with The F. pains me, of course. Some of you know why. Let's not talk about it any more, shall we? Thanks.

And now something is telling me I must work...hmm. Sitting in the office, getting paid good money, my entire body covered in post-it notes filled with scribbed memos to myself...yes, I think that's it.


Man, having to change your mind sucks. Especially if there are two sides to something, and you hold one opinion, then gravitate to the other, so that by the end of it all, everyone has an opportunity to resent you! Yay!

Don't hate me, but I think I'm starting to like American QAF. I'd print that in the small font of shame, but eh. It doesn't mean I don't like the British series. They don't have to be *opposed* in some holy battle against each other, like forces in the Revolutionary War...right?

I watched the initial US eps and it was grating and painful and baaaad. And then I saw some recent ep the other night and thought hmmm, and decided to rent the second tape, episodes 4-7, and that's when the show really started to come into its own, apparently. Around episode 6, I realized I wasn't on top of the slope anymore--up where one tries to view a show with casual detachment--but that I'd sort of half-skiied, half-tumbled down, and I was all covered in snow and shivering a bit. It made me cry, then it made me laugh, and anyone who mocks me? I will gnaw your head!

Brian is a hottie and an asshole of the first order, and I love his assholery and his growing, quiet obsession with Justin, and his utter twatlike manipulation of Michael, who has stopped annoying me quite so much even though he's still whiny and dumb as a brick, and I sense that David is not long for this world, which is a fucking shame because he's the Best. Boyfriend. Ever. Jesus! Those hands! That manhandling! And I love Michael's mom and Justin's mom, and Ted and Emmet are growing on me hard, man, and the lesbians are cute as puppies and ohfuckme, I think I have a new side fandom.

During this awkward transitioning period, I will give off a sheepish air and pretend to be grumpy, and must be handled like the delicate flower I am. Hmmph.