May 9th, 2003



J as in Joss, of course.

I meant to say yesterday how happy anniesj made me by posting My Goddamn Spike. I love this Spike, which is enough like my Spike that I really have nothing to add. Except maybe that my Spike will look twenty-six...forever.

I've been in a hairy funk. I owe people e-mail. So noted.

Last night I went offline and rewatched The Usual Suspects, which was a random choice, but timely, I later realized, since it's directed by Bryan Singer, who's done both X-Men movies. It's one of those movies that grips you less, I think, after the first viewing--you know the ending, and yeah, it's fun to watch it again with that in mind, but the same tension isn't there. And the more times you watch it, the more of its substance is replaced by style. Not that I'd dismiss it for that, in the usual way of things, but everything in the movie hinges on one question--it's what drives most of the movie's urgency. Once that's a known element, its interest becomes abstract.

Still, if you've never seen The Usual Suspects, you shouldn't read anything more I'm going to say about the movie. It would be bad and wrong.

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friday, soba noodles, sunshine, restlessness

This is one of those days when I desperately need people to post to the lists I'm on--postpostpost--and when my friends page is not updating fast enough to match my reading speed. I need distraction as I'm multitasking here.

It's gorgeous outside, and for once I actually sat out and basked for a few minutes in the sun, eating my lunch.

Everyone has seen this winsome picture, haven't they? (Click the thumbnail.) I would love to commission a Spike/Xander picture of some kind, something clothed and cuddly, but I'm too shy to ask--what if he's squicked by even the mildest form of slash?

I. Am. So. Fucking. Restless.