April 30th, 2003



My ISP seems to be down. Web pages inaccessible, server phone lines busy, *support* phone lines busy. I mean, I'm at work now, but still. No mail! It's downright biteable.

I have nothing else to say. I'm not just dull, I'm MEGA DULLTRON, SCOURGE OF TOKYO!

And now, perhaps...coffee.

Edited to add: I lied. I have one more else to say, which is LICK.

coffee break: the pairing meme

1. What are your favorite canon pairings (where canon is defined as having a romantic relationship taken beyond innuendo and UST in the present or past that has been verified by events seen in the show excluding dreams, alternate universes and other events-negating plot devices)?

Just sticking to Buffy, Buffy/Spike. Duh. Willow/Oz. Not that I have anything against Big Gay Willow, but going back to the early seasons, I did like the cuteness and wolfy angst of that pairing.

2. Favorite non-canon pairings?

Um...yeah. Xander/Spike. With an up-and-comer of Angel/Spike. And a few dark horses: Wes/Angel, Wes/Gunn. (Hmm, notice that no one writes Angel/Gunn. It's not a Gunn thing, I suspect, because people do slash him with Wes. I guess it's a chemistry thing. I mean, there's a big black box of mysterious nothing for you: the relationship between Gunn and Angel.)

3. Favorite obscure pairings?

See, everyone who reads my LJ surely knows these things, which makes this meme a bit boring. And one must note that some of these are mostly in my head, but: Riley/Spike. Um. Hmm. I thought I had more.

4. Pairing you won't read no matter how well written?

Things with Synder and Giles, which I find squicky. I've skimmed a few Dawn/Buffy stories, just with the drive-by rubbernecking instinct; these particular ones--don't remember what they were--didn't happen to squick me per se, I just have no interest and don't see the point. I've read a lot of one-off obscure pairings, some of which work (Xander/Larry), some of which don't so much (Cordy/Lilah).

5. Pairing you used to dislike, but grew to like or vice-versa?

I used to dislike Spike/Angel, because of how people wrote Angel (smug, condescending, mean and bullying without any real tenderness or affection). I'm seeing better stuff now.

6. Does it matter to you if your pairings ever get recognition by TPTB?

Only in that I sometimes mourn the lack of canonical m/m relationships, and whimper for what might have been. It was my fantasy that in the second half of S7 they'd diverge for an episode from the dark arc and get in one last AU, a la the Wishverse. I'd have loved to have seen some S/X snogging. It was, okay, a hopeless fantasy, but it sustained me.

6b. If they already have it, does that make the pairing seem more legitimate somehow?

A little recognition never hurts. But what does that even mean? I see deliberately embedded S/X slashiness in the show. Not sure if that's what recognition means. In that sense of the word, recognition is what helps build a viable ship.


free prize in every box

I was just watching the opening scene of X-Men. That's gotta be one of the most intense scenes ever filmed. Who says genre films can't plumb the depths of human emotion? Rogue's first scene is pretty wrenching too. The next three films I want to see are the X-Men sequel, the Matrix sequel, and A Mighty Wind. I'm ready for the blockbusters, because the holiday movie season was pure ass, and the offerings on the video store shelves right now are no less asinine.

On that note, I was trying to remember the word for having beautiful buttocks--callipygian--and so of course I googled for "beautiful buttocks," and found at the top of the search results, not porn as you'd expect, but several entries entitled, "Mutation gives sheep beautiful buttocks." Like Mister Rogers, I will share these friendly thoughts with you:
Scientists have identified a mutation that gives some sheep huge, hard bottoms. Understanding how the mutation works could give rise to leaner, meatier sheep and provide insights into inheritance.

One changed DNA letter produces 'callipyge' sheep, which amass muscle instead of fat around the pelvis.... Some humans might share the trait, Jirtle speculates. "They'd have relatively large rear ends, and absolutely no fat--like sprinters," he says.
Or, of course, like Jennifer Lopez.

I'll also note that this article contained the sentence: "And two big-bottomed sheep will have snake-hipped offspring."

And thus our fan-fiction challenge of the day!

Er, no.

So speaking of searching online, I browsed today for DVDs--now having a DVD player and all--and found nothing. Nothing I'd spend good money on. All the TV shows I'm interested in are outrageously expensive. I can rent an entire season of just about any show for five days and a few bucks. Why should I pay $55--or for fuck's sake, $125 (you Farscape-milking bastards)--for anything short of a Buffy-level obsession? We are being ripped the fuck off.

I have no idea what my subject line has to do with any of this. Angel is on in 34 minutes and, right now, that's all that matters.