April 29th, 2003


quiet time

I am boring today, at home with some downtime. My stomach is achey. I am about to try and write.

Earlier, I found an old sig file where I used to dump random quotes--Mystery Science Theater, Kids in the Hall, etc. This, from White Palace: "There's no dust in her dustbuster!" Heh. Classic sublimated slash film.

Language is pissed it was used for this story, Joel.

I like that one. Language is not pissed, however, at being used for Barb's Necessary Evils. Language is happy. Orgasmic, even. I've been catching up on the last few chapters--it's all done but the epilogue. Ouch. And it makes me very happy, except for that last little bit of necessary waiting. (Confidential to A: Go! Read!)

This bundt cake latest sidelines story is kicking my ass. At the risk of distraction--oh hell, with the desperate demand for distraction--does anyone have a good S/X rec for a story I--hold on again while I pause to sigh--haven't read yet?

Somebody save me. Tonight is a new Buffy ep, right?

harem boys and such

My friend A., who (oh fine, whom) I shall now unmask as anaxila, writes some cool thoughts on Empty Places.

Harem Boys. Hmm. Okay, I wanted to start my harem boy collection, but for some reason the idea is disturbing me. I think I will just go have a slice of my AU Slave!Spike fantasy now. There will be heeling, catlike cheeking against the thigh, hair stroking, the touch of strong and calloused hands, and a man kissing another man gently.