April 15th, 2003


please. don't touch my eyes.

Had to get up ninety minutes early when I was paged for some troubleshooting, and I now have that trembly, sandpaper-eyed, forced-to-be-upright feeling of tiredness that tells me this day is likely to be long and less productive than I'd hoped.

Printed off tax forms, but did not do my taxes last night. Frankly, I'm just thinking of turning them in late. Someone told me it was only a $15 late fee. And if that's the case, who cares? I mean, really? Jesus.

Oh, dear Jesus. I just got an e-mail from that flaming loon about the...nevermind. Never. Mind. (I'm talking to myself now.)

Will this day NEVER end? ...oh wait, it's nine a.m.

I still want to answer people's comments, I do, I do. It's a kick, that people are liking the S/X. It's kind of like having group sex. What's this type of writing called, if anything--dribbles? I heard that term somewhere recently. Is it idiosyncratic, or common coinage? Not sure I like "dribble," actually. Drooling, drivel...you are getting sleeeeepy.

My brain is stupid. Please feed it, but don't poke it.

Is there any new S/X out there today that I can read? ...please?

s/x thirteen

Another bit I wrote last night but wanted to take another look at, in the harsh light of day. Remember, kids--staying up late stunts your growth! impairs your memory! and... uh... something else I forget now.

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Met for follow-up on my performance review today with the info that I got a small raise. Nice. Certainly doesn't hurt.

Tried to file an extension by phone just now, and the automated system will not verify my social security number.

::bangs head on desk::

Apparently I don't exist. Me and Spike. Non-entities in the eyes of the law.

I am going to eat another steak tonight. Because I can!