April 14th, 2003


coma girl

I did not get quite enough sleep. I did no laundry this weekend until this morning when I got up at 6:30 and washed just enough to come into work somewhat other than naked. I have not done my taxes. (GAHHHHHH.) I did not mail my bills on Saturday and now I have to call and whine to credit card companies to try and avoid late fees. Also, I did not get my hair cut and I am scary-looking. SCARY. And jittery. And oh, I answered no one's comments this weekend.

Now I'm at work. God, I LOVE being at work.

Glares balefully at Sarcasm Monitor as it beeps wildly and busts a cog.


So, the First Evil Seattle UPN affiliate has decided to preempt Buffy for baseball. Minds boggle, hearts break, assassins gear up.

Would anyone be interested in duping and overnighting me a tape? I will PayPal good money for it.

Contact me at eliade @ drizzle.com if you are feeling nutty and inclined and I will exercise my fulsome powers of love and shower them on you.



I got kind offers of tapes, and advice on how to download eps--I'm all set up and I am thanking, thanking, thanking people!

::kisses everyone::

(Anna also meaningfully intends to answer e-mail at some point, though she is dazed and about to fall into bed.)