April 7th, 2003


required reading

Flesh Mechanic: A high-concept, well-executed *NSYNC story, which you should read even if you don't usually read RPF, because (a) it probably won't offend your sensibilities, and (b) the design and lay-out are very clever, and worth taking a look at, much in the same way as Wisteria's Happiness, even though in content and style they are very different.


Take This Longing: An Angel/Wes story with a dark difference. A WIP, very NC-17, very...uh. Well, the splash page will give you all the warnings you need. This will quite possibly melt my brain. In fact, like Scorpy, I think I need one of those coolant rods in my head, please. Dear god. This is the razor's edge of kink. I love it madly.


Breaking Old Ground: I think that's the title. It's the title of the page, anyway. Many of the in-jokes flew over my head, I'm sure, and the, er, "character" generalizations are probably grossly inaccurate, but it still amused me quite a lot.


And--googled after a list-sib forwarded it to our attention today--Terminators of Endearment, aka Pride and Extreme Prejudice, i.e., The Terminator rendered in the style of Jane Austen.

In other story news, I've finally caved and signed up for the BtVS Flashfic-athon that marguerite_26 is organizing. It seems like fun, something to distract myself between punishing bouts of serial fiction. Today's nanofiction challenge also appeals to me. Maybe I'll write something later.

Fiction, popping up like tulips from the winter soil.

Nanofiction #1

Nights Are Quieter After May

A lazy vampire curled in the husk of Xander's body, cicada-dead. Or just resting. Hard tufty head unmoved against Xander's shoulder as he watched. Commented:

"Sloppy work."

"Trim your cuticles next time."

Xander licked the brush gently down the nail, blackening it. Moonlight's favorite couch held their bodies like a boat. Wars didn't distract them.


bloody hell

I got struck with a nosebleed out of the blue about an hour ago. Usually I get them if I'm congested, so I have some warning--I'll blow my nose, or sneeze, or something, and then wham. This time, no warning. Like someone turned on a faucet somewhere up my nose, and all of a sudden, drip, drip, whoosh. I know, I know. There was a huge ick factor on this end too.

With no logical segue, I offer another rec. Meta, Buffyish, and funny: Official Buffy and Angel Fanfiction University. I think I lifted this from estepheia.

And from someone else I stole a link to a thread on the concept of redemption, which I make note of mostly for my own sake, so that I can dig into it later at my leisure.


warning: contents of my life are boring and contain foul language

1. I went to pick up my new DVD-VCR combo and got it home and got it hooked up with much attentive frowning at the manual and pushing of buttons, yay me--and by the way this is my second player now, and I "upgraded" on my first return and paid fifty bucks extra--so then I play a tape, and the player gives out a faint whiny noise that I know is going to drive me batshit but I'm thinking, fuck, I don't want to return this one too and they probably wouldn't even hear it and they'd look at me like I'm some crazy *woman*, the macho fucks, so then I decide to play a DVD, and the *DVD* side of the unit is ten times crappier and emits the whirring, clicking noise of a playing card stuck in bicycle spokes, so I *do* have to return this.

2. When I went and picked this up, it was the first time I'd dared to take my car past city limits in months, and it was easily one of the most harrowing hours of my life in quite a while, as my motherfucking cocksucking cunt of a car shuddered to a halt at the exit, worked well enough to get me to the shop, decided to play "where'd the gas go?" on the way home--my gauge suddenly bottoming out--then stalled again on my homeward bound exit, this time requiring several panicky tries before it let me move, while cars flew up my ass from behind. Fuck this shit. Fuck this stupid loser life shit where there's never enough money for a new or even *working* automobile, or dental work, or fuck-all else.

3. I had to interrupt this and lie down for ten minutes because my nose decided to start fucking bleeding yet AGAIN for no fucking reason, gushing and spouting huge fat globs of blood, a vampire buffet of blood, blood everywhere, blood blood blood, bloody fucking blood.

I am alone and bloody and trapped and thwarted by machines and sooner or later I will get some horrible form of cancer or other degenerative disease and will discover that though I amuse people, I have never let anyone get close enough to bring me soup and pet my head when I'm laid up and spotty and heading for major organ failure.


Edited to add: I friends-locked this earlier, and then I thought: why the fuck? Mostly because I thought people would be bored and offended by my language, but hell, people can skim and skip over this if they want. There's nothing here truly private, just mundane. Read about my bloody nose! My car! My financial angst! Yes, here in my LJ, it's all the news that's fucked fit to print.