April 4th, 2003



Hmm. A trickle of unfriendings lately--and fewer comments than in previous weeks. I must be getting boring. With the move to LJ came the ability to track such things, and with the ability to track such things comes the inevitable tendency to think about them once in a while.

While I could try to be more entertaining than usual today, perversely I'm inclined to dwell in my lumpishness instead. Besides, anniesj has been secretly honing her skills at random, amusing babble, and I feel knocked down a peg.

Alligators! Spam! Japanese pears! Bill Murray! No, wait--tiny virgins, shaped like pears!

See. I've lost the touch. It's hopeless.

This is just a GIP, really. I have nothing to say and I scare myself with the zombielike soup that is my brain this week.