March 12th, 2003


one cup of coffee down

I am not getting enough sleep lately, and it's making me dopey.

This morning I contemplated a Meta Anna quiz for my LJ readers with leading questions like, "Do you find me intimidating or do you realize I'm just a big dork?" and "Would you like to see me write anime fan-fiction, and by the way, what's your name so I can put you on my Special List?" and "Does it bug you when I say 'Heh'?"


"Heh" is actually a careful word choice. Because grins sometimes don't want to surface, and "Hee" is too squeaky, and the idea of "LOL"ing at myself is disturbing, and "Snerk" has a bit of an edge that isn't always appropriate to a comment. But sometimes you want to contextualize what you're saying with the implied message: Yes, I *am* aware that I'm a bit of a dork. Now there. You have a trade secret into the crafting and maintenance of persona.

I need something to read. Preferably a nice chew of S/X that I haven't read before. But I'd also read an S/A story that hits my caretaker kink--where Angel is protective of a damaged Spike, or growly and territorial and tender on his behalf. I haven't seen much of that at all; Reposession gives us that version of Angel, sorta kinda, but it's got that melodrama thing going and I want a taste of authenticity.

God. Must go to a stupid departmental meeting. I'm off.

Fire pretty.

Ummm, fire. Cool. It's just down the block. Black heavy smoke is billowing across the sky and there is no power in my building. I can post this because I have a laptop battery and network connectivity through my docking station.

I think it's time to go home, maybe?


Oh my!

I came home from work (because, FIRE!) and put on the TV for background noise and there was nothing to watch on, like, 400 cable channels and then as I was flipping I saw "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place" on WE (Women's Entertainment). It's a show I've never watched more than a few eps of (e.g., ASH's guest appearance) but I was aware that Ryan Reynolds starred in it, and I adored him in "Coming Soon," so I tuned in. And eeeee! Nathan Fillion was also a regular of that show!*

It's the coolest thing when time passes and people's stars rise, and then you go back and find them in other things--sometimes stuff you never watched, sometimes stuff where they just didn't catch your eye. (You early adopters, of course, can always brag you knew them when.) Harry Groener (Mayor Wilkins) was on an old ep of "Charmed" last night, too, though I have to admit, the weight of bad writing pretty much pulled him down to their level.

So, home is where the Anna is. Must work for a while, and then figure out how to blow off the rest of my day.

(*In this particular ep, a Halloween ep, the characters were all cursed in various ways and his wife grew a penis. And lo, there was much gender-goofing. NF: "I love my man-wife!")


one of those days

When I just can't focus. Also, note to readers: having "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" playing in the background as you try to work is not conducive. I liked this when I saw it in the theater. Now all I can notice is the dubbing, and the bits of clunky poetic dialogue, and the wacky flying. Not sure how I feel about it now.

hecatehatesthat got me thinking about story bunnies with one of her posts. I think I shared all the unwritten crap from my hard drives, but there remains a bunch of stuff in my head drive that I haven't done anything with. Like the AU where Spike is the one cursed with a soul instead of Angel or gets a soul in some other way, a century or so back--and eventually ends up working with the Council of Watchers. And he comes to Sunnydale with Giles as part of a two-man watcher *team* (which makes so much more sense, don't you think?); Giles handling theory and policy and all that edumacated stuff, Spike handling combat training. And Spike is filthy rich, because hey--if you're going to write about A Boy Called Mary Sue, you should go all the way. And he has a big mansion that takes the library's place as slayer central, and the poor, terribly lonely vampguy (whose past lovers have all died) falls for young, sweet high-school age Xander--jail bait!--and in the course of time woos and shags him.

Clearly, it's just going to be post after post from me today, yadda after yadda.

I will now glare at my help documentation ferociously and work, work, work, damn me.


Angel: Release, and other stuff.

Spoilers for Angel & for next week's promos.

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In other news, I muse on the fact that I was friended by five people today and unfriended by four. I wonder what I said that was so exciting? Strange.

Here's a snippet of Sentinel story just for the hell of it--one of my hard-drive dust bunnies. Over-elegant in the extreme, I tend to think now, but I still like the picture it makes, the atmosphere. I was using Seattle sights to ground the landscape--specifically, Jim's view from the loft--which may be why it still feels vivid to me.

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