March 6th, 2003


blah blah blah coffeecakes

I came in for an 8:00am meeting and it was cancelled. Still, you can be sure now that I will *defiantly* leave at 4:00pm.

Other people's Angel comments on "Salvage":

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11. heres_luck
12. bonibaru
13. loligo
14. hesychasm
15. stakebait
16. zortified
17. ros_fod

(ros_fod, channeling Faith: "Yeah, you all thought I was in prison, but really I was at Command and Staff College, so here's the tactical strategy document I built and these powerpoint slides illustrate the search pattern that we're going to use to find Angelus and bring him back and then I'm going to re-soul him myself with some of the black magic skills I managed to pick up, I don't wanna hear any peep from y'all.")

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Edited to add: beth666ann has a cool post on LiveJournaling, confession, persona, and the false appearance of truth. Go, Meta Girl!


sherrold made me do it. Not what you'd call a story, and perhaps of questionable voice, as I was trying to ignore ambient noise as I wrote. I really can't tell. Just fiddling around.

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