February 24th, 2003


smuts for the smutty

Just a few story links to kick off your Monday. Or, um...you know, mine. Pandora's Closet by Estepheia, and its follow-up, Pyrrha's Find. PWP. It's what's for breakfast. And, okay, the second one isn't a PWP, unless you want to substitute sweetness for sex and just say aww.

Also, the whim and lunacy of this story strangely endeared itself to me, in part because I've been wanting to read a story on this premise for a while now. I mean, the initial premise, not the second, and even stranger plot development that you'll get to after reading a while, which involves...oh, never mind. This gave me a happy, and I'm not afraid to say it. Take *that*, devils of Monday!

Oh god. Do I have to go to work?

Notes from the overground...

I just got a new laptop and Windows XP at work. The Explorer browser UI is funky. It's so frickin shiny and bright. My eyes, my eyes!

I think I was unreasonably grumpy to someone this morning. I can't decide. But if someone yelps at me in outrage that Riley isn't gay ("NOOO!"), and tells me how wrong that is, I think it's to be expected that I might wonder why the flaming heck my own personal fantasies should adhere to canon. I'm not even *writing* Big Gay Riley yet, people. But maybe I could have pointed that out more diplomatically. I don't know. I apologize to the universe, and to you, X, if you're reading this. You crazy little carrot.

Someone needs to pimp me country music, because...just because. (shutupshutupshutup) The only country music I own is Chris Isaak (does he count?), Stevie Ray Vaughn (does he count?) and a few soundtrack compilations. I like the stuff on the Thelma & Louise soundtrack, especially "Kick the Stones" (Chris Whitley) and "Tennessee Plates" (Charlie Sexton). I like the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, though that isn't contemporary or particularly kick-ass, which is more what I'm looking for right now. Some of that good-time, line-dancing, shit-kicking country, you know? Oh, and I like the songs on the Clay Pigeons soundtrack. So. Does anyone have any recs?