February 11th, 2003


another day, another doughnut

It's way too friggin soon for me to be encountering a weight-loss plateau. This *sucks*. And somehow it's bringing out the worst in me. Just when I should be pushing ahead--break on through to the other side--all I want to do is sulk and eat crisps. Today, when 4:00pm rolled around, it was time for the yogurt break. Instead, I went and got a toffee bar from Starbucks *and* an iced tea. A caffeinated iced tea, guaranteed to make me jittery and psychotic for the next seven hours. And that was after having buttered prawns and a doughnut for lunch.


I was looking at torch's whoa meme the other day--ten fan-fiction stories that made her go whoa. She wrote this, like, away from the computer. Using her brain without recourse to battery packs or auxiliary databases. I find that amazing. I can't imagine remembering ten stories off the top of my head. Or if I did remember any, they wouldn't necessarily be whoa stories, or even favorites. They'd just be stories that reached some fannish critical mass to become lodged in my brain.

Okay, I can maybe think of one, "Love is Blind" by Avalon, a tingle-making Spuffy story that captures one of my favorite Spikes, a vampire who overcomes his own nature to serve as a slayer's champion.

Instead of being usefully fannish, I went looking at my Amazon Wish List just now, and thought I'd list ten not entirely random things from that. Which is...perhaps not very interesting, as--being on my Wish List--they're mostly stuff I haven't actually read or listened to yet. But who cares. I want to kill some time here, damn it.

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