January 30th, 2003


Dream Log, Stardate 1978

I dreamed last night that I traveled back in time, with my grown-up self being reintegrated into my childhood body. When I say "my" I'm using the word loosely, as I was someone else entirely, a girl with frizzy hair and lots of make-up with a big family. I went back, unable to see my child's body with my grown-up eyes, and hung out on the beach with a man all night. Poor guy woke up to find himself accused of being a child molester, but I'd been such an *adult* conversationalist.

Reunited with my family, I persuaded them of what had happened, and immediately launched into Tales from the Future. Mostly it was product placement. I was excited: "Oh, you don't have instant coffee!" I told them there'd be instant coffee, cordless phones, cell phones the size of packs of gum (sic) that we carried around in our pockets, and many more novelties of technology that I've forgotten.

I also urged them to by a lot of Microsoft and Starbucks stock. My story about the rise of the Starbucks empire held them all spellbound.

Alternate dimensions. This is the only explanation.

Thursday, 2:16pm.

If you want your day to go by fast, bury yourself in performance reviews. I swear, I've barely looked up from my monitor in hours. But when I finally did, I noticed one of my plants is turning a sickly shade of yellow. Both were a legacy from someone who recently left the company. Poor things. She shouldn't have given them to someone with a black thumb.

I also have a candy cane in my pencil jar. That thing will never get eaten.

Inside the smell of microwave popcorn hangs over the office like a buttery fog, and outside the sky has been solid grey for the third day in a row. It's been raining every day for over a week, by my rough estimate.

I'm having the restless urge to speak, but have nothing to say. I wish my life was as interesting as anorakbird's and my anecdotes half as funny. Or vice versa. Oh well. I will dive back into reviews and by the time I look up from my monitor again it'll be time to go home.