January 13th, 2003


Grrr...rark! Rark!

I hate when I'm grumpy. Sometimes it's free-floating, like anxiety, and attaches itself to dealings with perfectly reasonable and lovely people whom I respect and hold dear. If you want, you may wish to pause a moment and visualize a floating alien with tentacles latching onto a random victim's face. [pause] Now let's listen as Anna's grumpiness manifests itself:

Friendly!Girl: [says perfectly reasonable thing]
Grumpy!Anna: Snarl!
Friendly!Girl: [doesn't immediatly drop everything to attend to Anna's angst]
Grumpy!Anna: Bark!
Friendly!Girl: [disagrees with something Anna said]
Grumpy!Anna: Bite me!
Friendly!Girl: [displays 'evidence' of liking someone else better, perhaps by agreeing with their opinion instead of Anna's]
Grumpy!Anna: Wail! I am unloved! [existential crisis, fannish crisis, desire for cookies] Everything sucks! If only Mulder were here! He would understand my pain! Sniff.

Grumpiness can also be triggered by blase gym attendants who answer the question "Do you have a rowing machine?" with "No." Bastards.
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