Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Other people think so that I don't have to.

Great, smart, really cool post from coffeeandink speculatively analyzing Wesley's relationships with women, with spoilers through "Lineage."

josselin gives some writing advice that I agree with.

Also, an interesting conversation on men & crying in porch_talk. I've begun to notice in the last two noir stories or so that my characters are crying fairly often. It just sort of, um, happens. And then we all move on. But I wonder if I did a tally, or tried to imagine all those instances filmed, would it be more frequent than I realized, more over the top?

I got some writing done yesterday and am startled to realize that I'm actually very close to finishing "Allies" (noir 14). Yay, team me. Of course "close" is a relative term, but you know. Close for *me*.

This morning I was in the office by shortly after eight. I thought I had a lot of work to do today. And, well, I still think that. I just haven't let myself remember what it is yet. I'm in danger of re-entering techno-slacker mode. Must *resist*. Must *focus*. Must--oh, hey, shiny.
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