Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Angel: Lineage

Well, that didn't suck. As the rest of you knew already and were waiting to hear me say. (I mean, in that special fantasy-land where everyone cares what I say.) If you just sliced and diced all the Wes bits together, which was thankfully most of the episode, it was pretty fucking amazing. Alexis Denisof is just...I don't see how he can leave his house and make it to the set without being swarmed by hordes of weeping fans and licked to death. Certain fatuous, over-hyped Oscar winners should watch this show, because after this ep, they'd click off the TV, take their statuettes down off the mantel, drive to AD's house, and shamefacedly present him with the recognition he deserves.

Eve was left in the elevator. If it had been a slightly different episode in tone, the final shot would deservedly have been of the closed elevator doors, as we hear her banging and yelling, and then we pan to the empty lobby. A maintenance man trundles a cart by, pauses, cocks his head, then keeps walking.

The Wes/Fredness was beautiful for once.

And then there's Spike.


Someone just kill me now. Also, I am probably the only person in all Spike-BtVS-Angel fandom who is not looking forward to next week. It makes my teeth clench.

I will need to be very drunk this Wednesday.

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