Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

okay, incest *is* trendy.

Just read a fantastic Angel/Connor story by deepad. I'd say, ignore the title, Summer Lovin'--just skip right over it to the story itself, as its tone and level is not what that title might suggest. It's on Slashing the Angel, under "new fic." I really couldn't stop reading this, got sucked in by its undertow until I was completely immersed. Just amazing. Thanks to kittygoslingp for the rec. I'd quote some of the story, but a paragraph or two out of context probably isn't going to represent it well, because I think its real accomplishment is the gradual, cumulative weight of details from Connor-not-Connor's point of view, all the sharp, between-the-line readings that tell us exactly what Angel must be thinking and feeling without us having to go explicitly into his head. The descriptions of Angel--how he talks and moves, the subtlety of his expressions--are some of the best I've ever read, period.

ETA: One longish, more spoilery note about the story. I just had to say, oh yeah, by the way--this does something I'm a huge, happy sucker for, which is to show a man feeling the kind of desperate love that's so intense he'll do anything, anything for the object of his passion, without even blinking. Here, Angel is so hungry for Connor that he slides right over the line and lets himself show a physical love that Connor obviously expects and wants, and the story offers the perfect premise for his doing so. Because Connor has a completely different life and father now, but also because Angel can get away with it. At least up until the point where he doesn't. And I think--I'm being carefully vague now--I think this current season shows that Angel is very capable and willing to mindwipe his friends and then carry on in service to his own needs and goals. And in the story, it's like...why wouldn't he do what gives them both some measure of pleasure. It's an intense connection, which is what he so desperately craves. And you can just read between the lines how he probably struggled with himself and tried to stay away, but kept coming back and letting their connection slip closer and closer toward the bad place, the special hell, and yet was able to distract and delude himself in some way--or just didn't care, ultimately, about human moral laws. Set them aside, because they stood in the way of the closeness he was developing with Connor. And you can imagine, too, that for a vampire, distinctions between "son" and "progeny" might start to blur. You sire both types of "child" by blood--when it comes down to it, how much does that matter? Especially when you're not going to get anyone pregnant, and the person you love has no idea who you are. I think he could feign indifference to these things for long enough to fall into temptation, even if at some point he woke up and had an epiphany of horror at what he was doing.

Anyway, great great stuff.

And now I hear the pancakes singing each to each, and I do think that they will sing to me....

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