Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

okay, incest *is* trendy.

Just read a fantastic Angel/Connor story by deepad. I'd say, ignore the title, Summer Lovin'--just skip right over it to the story itself, as its tone and level is not what that title might suggest. It's on Slashing the Angel, under "new fic." I really couldn't stop reading this, got sucked in by its undertow until I was completely immersed. Just amazing. Thanks to kittygoslingp for the rec. I'd quote some of the story, but a paragraph or two out of context probably isn't going to represent it well, because I think its real accomplishment is the gradual, cumulative weight of details from Connor-not-Connor's point of view, all the sharp, between-the-line readings that tell us exactly what Angel must be thinking and feeling without us having to go explicitly into his head. The descriptions of Angel--how he talks and moves, the subtlety of his expressions--are some of the best I've ever read, period.

ETA: One longish, more spoilery note about the story. Read more...Collapse )

And now I hear the pancakes singing each to each, and I do think that they will sing to me....

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