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09 November 2003 @ 09:42 pm
Hello, North Dakota.  
Travel is all about minor annoyances. Until your hotel toilet stops up. And then it's about murder.

All in all, not a horrible trip from city A to square B. I anesthetized myself most of the day by playing out revised scenes from stock fantasy #366733, starring Viggo in Aragorn drag as some guy named Sehr, and Spike as the brutally abused slave who finds his way into Sehr's kindly, manly arms.

Insert stock rant #234467 about the miniscule size of airplane seats here.

Am going to bed early. There is snow on the ground. I ate pumpkin cream pie. My hat has a cow.

Oh, and I'm alive.
Herself_nycherself_nyc on November 9th, 2003 08:20 pm (UTC)
Sounds like an excellent fantasy, and I'm glad you're alive.
Anaxila / Babbles: cat duck head by amyzoncomanaxila on November 9th, 2003 08:27 pm (UTC)
Yay, you made it! Congratulations!

Were we both inspired to make the same icon, or is it just me? Or are we sharing? It looks like they're cropped slightly differently. If so... weird scary brain twin thing. I also made one of the orang/white kitty with the frog head, so you can keep this one to yourself if you like. :)
xanphibian on November 9th, 2003 08:33 pm (UTC)
*is happy you are alive*
flaming june: Kiss_flaming_june_ on November 9th, 2003 08:37 pm (UTC)
I am sorry about your hotel toilet, delighted about your Aragorn/Spike fantasy, and very glad you're still alive.

::kisses you on your icon::
lovessong: Merglenn fanlovessong on November 9th, 2003 08:53 pm (UTC)
Oh, and I'm alive.

Thank goodness. :)

Actually, my thought while reading this post, even before I got to the last line, was "And, yay, you're still alive!"
Hepcat: schala4 anya fingernwhepcat on November 9th, 2003 09:16 pm (UTC)
Oh, and I'm alive.

Does this mean we have to go back to your landlords and take your stuff back?
Poshykittyposhcat on November 9th, 2003 10:24 pm (UTC)

Not herself! The reason I thought you were her(self) is because I'm NEW, and everybody's daily posts are all together on my friends page, so it messed me up. I actually thought for a minute that you and herself were the same person, and it was all an Alias-sized conspiracy.

This is the second faux pas I've made with you, Anna (and possibly more to come), and the only explanation I have is that I want to make out with you, and it's making me n-n-nervous.

I guess another date that might end with French kissing in the foyer is out of the question now. Sigh.
needfireneedfire on November 10th, 2003 04:35 am (UTC)
I love going places but hate the getting there, I'm glad you landed hale and hearty, and when you come back I have a wee plot to tempt you with...[ducking flying toilet seat] Enjoy the wonders of ND I have no clue where that is or if it has any redeeming features but to me a bar is a bar is a bar...
Carla: wigglebeledibabe on November 10th, 2003 05:05 am (UTC)
Glad you made it through the torture that is flying today. Sorry about the bog-stopping.

But Aragorn/Spike? Slavefic? Wow! Did a double-take so hard I think I just sprained something.

I will pay you good money, beg, commit mayhem, whatever it takes for you to write this!
kassrachel on November 10th, 2003 06:12 am (UTC)
Welcome to ND.

I'm off to Texas tomorrow. Now that I own a laptop, I can take the Internet with me! This feels revolutionary even though I know it shouldn't. *g*

Also, I adore your costumed cat icon.