Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I'm watching "Halloween H20" and apparently there's this drug company that makes something called "Levitra," who thought that a horror movie about a knife-wielding psychotic with childhood sexual issues was the ideal match for product placement. So I watch this commercial a few times, and I notice that not once do they actually say what their drug *does*. They just remark with a wink and a nod: "Sometimes you need help staying in the game," and show a guy tossing a football through a gyrating vaginal hole moving tire swing, and you're supposed to intuit what the drug is for. I googled it just to be sure, but yes, it is an anti-impotence drug--and if you use it, you too can sink your ball through the hole.

It kills me though--the idea that men will watch this and just *know* what the pill is for, without a single explicit reference.

It's 10 p.m. and already my cable stations have dried up and there's nothing of interest playing in the genre du jour. Where's the terror? Bastards. On the WE channel, they're doing a special on the allure of vampires to women, interviewing Anne Rice and Marti Noxon.

I think I might go to bed early....

ETA: Stephanie Romanov has at least one commentary spot on the vampire special. And there are many, many goth girls. (This is called "Night Bites" by the way. It's really not especially interesting, though. Like I didn't know already that vampires were associated with seduction.)
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