Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Mysterious new LJ user analiese is alternating catchy fiction posts (Spikey-Faithful bent, post-BtVS AUish setting, and so far no spoilers for Angel S5 that I can see), with absolutely wonderful episode analyses like this one of "School Hard." It's rare these days to find someone commenting on old episodes with such fresh and detailed insights. I love it.

(I know my adjectives--"Fresh! Insightful!"--sound like the trite praise of a movie reviewer for your local weekly free press, but just because I'm lame doesn't mean you shouldn't click.)

Right now I am watching Michael Rosenbaum get killed with Draino in "Urban Legends" after finding his puppy microwaved. So sad.

Also, what's up with that Marie Callendar commerical for pot-pies? Implying oh so misleadingly that somewhere a kindly grandmother is rolling out dough with her floured pin and hand-popping peas to make the filling? Lying bitch. I've had those pot-pies, and I am here to attest: no. Though I noticed they could not make the chicken look like anything except cubed pressed meat despite their million-dollar ad budget.

Yes. Yes, I am wasting my life. Thank you for asking.

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