Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Angel 5.5

pre-ep thoughts

One thing I don't think I mentioned last week was my disappointment that they left Spike incorporeal. I'd really hoped that they'd use his ghostly status as a useful wedge to give him entry into the show and then drop it once his place had been established. Instead they've left him in a betwixt-between state. I generally find ghosts as characters boring; I mean, what are the underlying reasons for writing about a ghost? You either want to strike a supernatural tone, which isn't something I'm much inclined toward, or you're hoping to milk intangibility for its poignancy factor, which I simply find frustrating. As Spike himself pointed out, I think, he can't truly interact with anyone or affect anything. Except, now, when he can. Which is even worse, because as long as he has some minor, plot-helpy power to influence his surroundings, there's no motivation for them to reincorporate him. Arggggh.

I mean, seriously. I can't begin to express how much it annoys me because it puts Spike in this weird, marginalized position vis-a-vis the rest of the characters even when he's in the same room with him.

post-ep thoughts

A man squirting milk from his tear duct is not something one should be exposed to without warning during a television commercial.

Okay, besides that. Loved the ep. Or, like, eighty to ninety percent of it. Spike fell prey to the issues mentioned above; when the majority of a character's "work" is merely to fill in as backdrop for everyone else's shots, he's not a character. He's a prop. But I had huge fears about this episode, and none were really borne out. Even the Wes/Fred stuff was mostly tolerable. And yeah, they ripped themselves off, but I was still very amused. Plus, all that Lorne-i-ness! It made me happy. Andy Hallett kicked ass and had great lines. Ooh. Parallelism. He was to tonight's Angel what Michael McKean was to tonight's Smallville.

I have less to say when I'm happy.

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