Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

soft, burly men have love to share with you

My right arm is wrapped in an Ace bandage because it hurrrrrrrrrrts. Hello, I am a whiner. Four pain relievers are apparently not enough. Hello, random pain! Hello, pretty little pain! I'm not doing anything differently but my body still gets a giggle out of tormenting me. It's like a bratty four-year old, except thirty-four, so it's behaving kind of like Jonathan Winters dressed up as a giant, horrifying baby.

Why am I having these images? Do you think there's erotic fan-fiction about Jonathan Winters? Google seems to think not, but my search did yield Jonathan/Joyce fiction for BtVS. I was going to let you all find that on your own, but you you go. I love you.

There also seems to be no fan-fiction about Redd Foxx.

I am terrifying myself and feel faint. Must stop.

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