Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Okay, this Pinata movie of Nicholas Brendon's is silly crap, but more watchable than some bottom-of-the-barrel gorefests I've allowed to corrupt my tender little mind. For one, it has lots of eye candy; for two, one hunky piece of that eye candy is NB. This is him at the peak of his hotness. Also, my threshold for embarrassment is set very, very low when it comes to watching fan-favored actors in other roles--I often cringe and avoid--but I am not at all embarrassed to watch him here. He dones fine with what he's given; he's not playing some teen-movie dork in a way that'll make you facepalm. He gets to be all competent and manly--he tells people to conserve water! he tosses leaves in the air to check wind direction!--and we get many, many shots of his buff arms.

Also, GIP! I mean, really, isn't he pretty? I wish I could have kept in his tattoo, but I had to crop it.
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