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That subject line is my sole Halloween pun for the occasion. Make it the punchline of your next Spike joke!

So, Annie was extolling the joys of essaying earlier today and I'm the laziest girl ever, but then a story came along that made me so meepful that I thought I should try to give a little extra oomph to my rec, especially since it's by an author I don't think I've read before. It's a WIP and it's on, but it's worth watching and worth the trip.

Just Another Saturday Night in Sunnydale, by Poshcat.

This is Spike/Buffy, set in season six before "Hell's Bells" and it's sharp and snappy and all things fine, brimming with Spike love and with kindness to Buffy. And...and I'm still very lazy as it turns out, so instead of yammering on about why I like it, I'll just quote all my favorite lines and then it will be obvious why. The problem is that you shouldn't read all the choice lines below because then they wouldn't sneak up and surprise you as you read the story. So you should read two or three and then say, "Why am I still reading quotes when I could be reading all of it? To hell with it, I will click through to because I trust Jasmine Anna, She Who Walks Among Us, Her Royal Yumminess, My God, Yes!"*

{{She approached the bouncer, a big bald dude with a compensational goatee.}}

{{She studied the people sitting at the bar as she walked. The women sat on display like flowers in a row, as the men sized them up and decided which blossom they wanted to sniff.}}

{{"Fine with me," he said, and stood as he smashed the bottle down on the edge of the bar. The neck shattered, leaving the rest of the bottle, slopping ouzo, in his hand. He pulled back, making sure not to get any of the spray on himself. The girl beside him stood up too, disgusted more than frightened.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "That's very bar fighty of you. Should I push over a table now?"}}

{{"Yup. It took a little arm-twisting, but Xander was not above twisting whatever Spike part it took to get him in the car."}}

{{"There is something," said Spike finally. Reluctantly. Wondering what personality defect drove him to assist the source of all that was fucked up in his vampire existence. "A long shot."}}

{{Spike gave her a wounded stare as he climbed aboard the good ship Bitter Much.}}

{{"So Buffy needs to be leaning towards...frumpy business casual?" Anya turned to Tara and Willow. "I'll bet you two have plenty of unattractive lesbian clothing to ward off men's advances."

They gave Anya the patented Wiccan glare of vexation. Then they went upstairs to plunder their closet.}}

{{Buffy stepped away from the table. "I'm going to start looking for our guy." With the added benefit of getting away from yummy-smelling, Jello-slurping you. "What about you?"}}

{{Spike pointed his spoon at someone as he joked around, then turned it upside down and sucked on it as someone else talked.

"Why am I not that spoon?" Buffy overheard a woman ask wistfully at the table beside her.

"Because I am," said the woman next to her.}}

{{These thoughts were driving her crazy. She wished the Scoobies were there. Their blunted logic always made it easier for her to deal with Spike. They were always ready and willing, anxious even, to reduce him to four words: He. Has. No. Soul.}}

{{"Countries have switched from Communism to democracy in less time than it's taking you to find this bloke."}}

{{Ice cream, karaoke, and fights to the death in the parking lot. This could possibly be the best party he'd ever been to.}}

{{Oh, yes, there was the pain mixed with the pleasure again. "And who's fault is that?" he said bitterly. "You don't want me? Fine. Just let me go then." Spike winced the moment the words were out of his mouth. He'd finally given Buffy permission to walk away from him, from them - the one thing he swore he'd never do. That, and wear shoes with tassels on them. What a night.}}

Okay, those aren't all my favorite lines--the other 99% of the story is incredibly quotable too, but since I can't repost the whole thing, I'll just leave it at that with happy sighs.

*My head is really only average-sized. No. Really.
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