Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

warm jigsaw

Sometimes I look at a phrase that I've written and that I rather like and wonder if I've unconsciously stolen it from someone else. So I went and googled "warm jigsaw." There were a few meaningless hits, and one for a story I've definitely never read before. It's a celebrity fan-fiction story, Sometimes, about Keanu Reeves, and it appears to be sort of Mary Sueish in the same way that James Marsters is "sort of" attractive to women or Brian Kinney "sort of" likes dick. Wherever the chick's name appears in the story it's indicated by the phrase "insert your name here." So you can, like, insert your name. There. E.g.,

A full smile beamed at him, knocking the breath right out of his lungs. "Sure." She extended her hand. "I'm (insert your name here)."

Sadly, I can't mock this. Because goofiness is relative, not hierarchical and because I write Spike/Lorne. I can, however, share. La la la.

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