Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

stories I'd like to read...

I was scrolling through that old post of mine just now, with the list of stories I wanted to read at that time. Funny how things change. I've realized that all the half-baked story sketches I'm always posting could pretty well constitute a list in itself. Clearly I won't be writing a Vamp!Fraser or a Faith-meets-Brian story anytime soon, but I'd love to read these, if I had, like, a second brain that I could assign to write things.

Another short list of stories I'd like to read:

1. A story where Spike visits Pittsburgh and fucks Brian Kinney up against the wall in the back room of Babylon. Then they go back to his place and do it some more. Could Brian become smitten enough with vamp dick that he'd lower himself to see the same trick twice? Will he puppy-dog himself up to Spike's side the next time he spots him in the club?

2. Another Spike-as-a-girl story, with S/X and light violence. Because there can never be too many of those. Apparently Spike-as-a-girl is a bulletproof kink of mine.

3. A sweet, shmoopy, completely romantic story where Spike is Xander's willing slave. Yes. A shmoopy slave story. Shut up.

4. A Lindsey/Angel story where Lindsey comes to work for Angel and redeems himself and Angel winds up falling for him hard, and they get it on, and they live imperfectly-happily ever after.

5. Spike and Wes. That's all. Just more Spike and Wes. One good story. I don't think I care what it's about. They could buy groceries. And then have sex.

You know, I think I have hundreds of Spikes milling around my head like those Agent Smith clones in the Matrix. All of them wanting to be petted. My head is filled with Spike. If I shake my head, he dances!

This is my scary-girl icon in honor of the deep, deep sadness that is me.
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