Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

slut! slut! slut!

I've decided to finally admit what I am doing because apparently I am doing it, and what I am doing is cycling through pairings of Spike with every Jossverse male--primary cast, that is, though I exclude members of the Geek Trio from this. (Sorry, Jess.)

I mean, I've slashed him with Lorne for crying out loud. (Twice, actually, but I can't find the other one.) I've slashed him with *Riley*. So I gave Gunn a run, and they got along pretty well, all things considered (I think Gunn would have far more demon issues than gay issues), though it took years of prodding. Years of prodding in my head. (A phrase that could be added to nearly every freaky statement I make, the way all Chinese fortunes take place "in bed." And the more I think about it--really not much difference there at all. I put everyone to bed in my head. I have bedhead. Bedhead of Spike! Why is this all a parenthetical remark, anyway? I'm all tangent, all the time, baby.)

I had another thought here, but it's been edged out by the fattened belly of my parantheses. What the hell was No, it's gone.

Must go eat ice cream, make aimless stabs at cleaning apartment for a special guest star.

ETA: Remembered what I'd forgotten. A thought about Gunn and Wes and how they still seem very OTP to me, at least in the Gunn --> Wes direction. Wes I can see with Angel, with others. For Gunn, it's really only Wes. I'm kind of forcing a square peg into a round hole (heh) by imagining a Spike/Gunn pairing. It's exactly how Angel can reasonably be slashed with plenty of people, but Lindsey really only fits with Angel.*

Ice cream was good.

(*In my head. Such is my inclination. And that doesn't mean there aren't good stories with Lindsey & other guys...and, um, getting tangled in disclaimers now. Am stopping now.)
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