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amazing story recs

I'm going to get in touch with my very apropos loserness and just make this one short and sweet because...what to say? It makes me all giddy: Shrift's S/X story, Loserville, 98k of glorious snark and kissage and all sorts of more. You can pet Shrift in her journal here.

Also, Jenn wrote an absolutely amazing QaF Brian/Daphne story, Echo, and so I read this and all of a sudden it turns out I love Daphne far more than I'd realized, and will apparently accept the natural and inevitable sex that must follow when *anyone* is pulled into the sizzling orbit of Brian Kinney. And then I read Josselin's sequel to this, Steps, and that was another heaping slice of *wow*.

I've wondered before whether I'd be discomforted if a trend of hetting up the gay characters of QaF started to appear--like, would I have a double standard when I go around slashing the ostensibly straight characters of other shows? But good fiction is good fiction; as long as it stays true to the characters, there is no bad.

(Also, as a side note, see me trying to offer a term for reverse-slashing gay characters, so to speak--"hetting up." I mean, does that term really work? It seems like it could imply an attempt to make over the characters as purely heterosexual. Even Emmett's little "see the light" arc in canon was obviously not trying to convince us of that (though the *character* was trying to convince himself of that). So that begs the question to me of what it means to "slash." I think most non-slashers assume that it means to just take a straight character and say, "Poof! You're gay!" But in fact, any good author is writing in such a way as to adjust a character's setting on the Kinsey scale with far more care. Okay, sometimes you're actually reworking the canon context to support a gay reading--e.g., with Jim in The Sentinel, it's not at all hard to see him as a closet case a lot of the time. On the other hand with a character like Spike, it's just a matter of filling in the blanks. If a vampire was jonesing for a convenient fuck, would he really care about what type of naughty bits he was taking in hand? And then you can wander off from there.

Good slash stories don't try to invalidate the previous or canonical sexual experiences of a character--they just expand on them. Anyone writing Xander should know better than to try and claim he never *really* crushed on Willow or that every minute he spent with Anya he was filled with deep loathing. Because, bullshit. But there's still plenty of subtext to tweak there. Tweak his subtext and his nipples perk....

I've posted about this on BBF before, I recall. Maybe I will dig that out later, after IHOP, in the hopes of making more sense.)

Meanwhile, Kat wrote 20 wonderful reasons why she loves Benton Fraser and this post of mine is 4 reasons why I love LiveJournal.

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