Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

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I've never seen "The Elephant Man" in full but it seems to be cycling through on cable. I was watching the scene in the opera house just now, toward the end. First I was watching without sound and there was this montage of absolutely insane shots and I was like, what the fuck is this, and then I remembered, oh yeah, David Lynch. I liked that one little scene--seeing John enjoy the music, and receive the standing ovation, and then afterwards how the doctor, played by Anthony Hopkins, was so courteous, so graciously giving of his kindness and friendship. Bullet-proof kink, big-time: the gentleman extending kindness to the monster.

What is that music that plays after the opera scene, when he's sitting alone in his room, at his desk with the tiny model of the palace, and he writes his name and so on? It continues right up to the end credits. I've heard it in a dozen different things; reused the way they reuse certain theme music in trailers of entirely different movies.

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