Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

borrowing a cup of happy

The TWoP Buffy boards mostly bore me. I've only ever gone for the non-episodic threads, because I can rarely stand to hear people talking about the show in that kind of forum. And after the mods killed the badfic thread (under the most annoying possible circumstances) I got disgusted and stopped lurking as much. Half the time the TWoP moderators have the amusing knack of cutting short budding idiocy; the other half they just seem to bitchslap whoever's handy for the pure sake of killing the joy. These days I just go to see what's on the fanfic thread, but it's not getting the traffic it used to.

But today I was looking through a thread on people's favorite things about the show. (Though in fact, I actually started reading here and worked back.) It cheered me up rather a lot. People giddy with sharing the joy, not a whole lot of negativity. Nice change of pace.

I'm so soul-suckingly bored. I've gotten into a terrible habit of sitting on my couch with my laptop, with the TV in line of sight, and just dicking around. It's hard to type from a reclining position except in short, painful bursts, which makes it the perfect slump for writing posts and comments but not working on stories.


Yeah, whatever.

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