Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Dude, part 2.

Oh my god--how could I have fogotten that Wes was in a wheelchair in Angel season 2? Spike. Wes. Eeeee!

Also, I recently rewatched all those really steamy Wes/Lilah scenes--not to mention the episodes they came packaged in--and I think I melted some small but crucial part of my body that I don't think can regenerate. I'd forgotten how jaw-droppingly guh they were. The scene where Wes obliquely tells Lilah to take off her panties during a meeting, and the one where he tells her to shut up and she says "Make me" with so much relish that it makes sweat break out on your skin as if you've eaten a chili pepper and then how Wes begins going down on her as the next...scene. And all try to remember to breathe.

And now--*now*--I am watching Lindsey strip off his lawyerly skin and put on his shitkickin' boots in preparation for beating the shit out of Angel. And *that* scene, of that hammer-wielding, sweet-ass, shit-stomping devil boy--that takes about two years off my life, exploded away by the sheer power of squee, but those were years that I probably would have spent in my own wheelchair, drooling and eating creamed corn, so no great loss. (He whupped on Angel *one-handed*! The sledgehammer made those lovely *smashing* sounds!)

Oh, and now Angel has rescued Wes from the Skilosh (this is "Epiphany" I think) and they're driving along in Angel's convertible and Wes is deliving yards of exposition with dry, perfect diction while Angel keeps interrupting with awkward compliments offered in a self-effacing way, hoping that Wes will forgive him without needing an explicit apology. Hee.

It's really amazing how much Wes's pre-scruffy prissiness was defined solely by the Worst Haircut Ever and a stiff, vaguely sarcastic tone. (And the sweater vests!) Also, his frown, I think. He frowned in a certain way then--pinched brow--and held his mouth differently; whereas when he went Dark Wes, my impression is that the basic cast of his features shifted into an attitude of such deep cynicism that he looked calm, almost Zen, the way that certain Hong Kong action heroes look in highly operatic "heroic bloodshed" martial arts movies. A very John Woo style of dark heroism.

God, Wes talked so differently back then too, in earlier seasons: at a higher pitch, forming sounds and words within his mouth rather than from the depths and back of his throat. (I know there must be a proper linguistic term for those two types of vocal delivery.) Dark Wes has a kind of low, rough, sexy murmur thing going on, not quite a slur, but the words are more drawn out--delivered with level care, with a gravel quality. Basically, I think he's speaking more slowly.

Ooh. Now he's trading a high-five with Gunn and giving the Sweetest! Smile! Ever! I must stop typing and focus on the squee.

ETA: Listening to Angel's speech to Kate at the end of "Epiphany" is fascinating and rather disturbing when you compare it to where he is now, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. And then there's Angel saying to Wes: "I want to work for you." And his willingness to efface himself for his friends, including Gunn, and--cutting for Angel 5.3 spoiler-- --and as I was going to say--effacing himself all around, when three years later Angel is casually slapping down Gunn the way he might just another low-level employee. I have been meaning to post about that; did anyone else find that scene to be one of the more discomforting elements of "Unleashed"? Not necessarily out of character, since when it comes to personal bonds, I think Angel's bond with Gunn is one of the weakest. But there was some serious disrespect going on there.
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