Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


If you have read Donna Tartt's "The Secret History" and want to read some brilliant literary fan-fiction, you should click and pounce like a tiger on Artemis, Apollo, Orion by Pares (kormantic). I love that book--when restless during writing, I turn to that book and open it at random like some kind of Bible, just to study its astonishingly elegant sentences. (The book is a weird hybrid mix of high- and low-brow; I've always let it set a certain bar for writing, high but not so far out of reach that I feel discouraged by using the author as a role model even if she did go to a tony college, spend six years writing the thing, and get a six-figure advance, all at a precociously young age. And, er, yes, I still have a ten-year-old copy of her Vanity Fair profile and have memorized her particulars. Competitiveness makes me weirdly obsessive about some things.) But Pares gives us exactly the backstory of tangled, humid relationships we don't get a chance to see in the book itself, which is entirely filtered through Richard's (the outsider's) POV. It's like a secret history of "The Secret History." How meta-cool is that? *g* Plus she keeps level with Tartt's own style and mad writing skillz, and I'm amazed and impressed. I'd never have dared that. It's just so cool.

You shouldn't read the story if you haven't read the book first, though; spoilers within.

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