Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


My body parts hurt. When I push my fingers at the keyboard, they try to retreat in every fumbling direction, like mice backing away from a trap. Left side of body in some pain too. Pain, pain, everywhere pain--why you have such pain?

That was me trying to quote "Deathtrap" and doing a poor job, just as earlier I was pretending to be Troy McClure in a purely facetious way. I know I haven't written eunuch fic, right? *Anna gets a pensive look*

And then Annie misunderstood me, thinking I wanted her to weigh in on the kerfuffle--no, never, never! I would never urge peeps to toss kerf at a fuffle. I only wanted THE PORN. And because she is a kind, generous, and fertile little soul with high, firm breasts she actually wrote some porn! Which was more in the line of angsty ghost action, but I'm down with that.

All my attempts at communication are awkward today, I think. Meanwhile on TV, Kyan is trimming some guy's nosehairs in a "Queer Eye" rerun. I walked in on this, having suddenly awoken from an evening nap. I was so very tired. I was dreaming of Spike, Buffy, Wes, and Angel in various story permutations. The only part I remember is how Spike was this martyr figure running through a converted shopping mall filled with refugees, and Buffy et al burst in to save him, and she did that thing where she pauses irresolutely with head poised like a hunting dog, trying to catch sound or scent of her prey, and then in the distance we hear Spike's faint yell of "Buffy!" And she takes off at a dead run to save him. At the same time I dreamed this, I dream-thought to myself that I should write this and wow everyone with my ability to establish atmosphere in shopping malls, because that's where the angst is, yo.

Manscaping, heh.

Oh, they just showed a preview on Bravo for "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" with that guy from "Four Weddings & a Funeral" and it looks awesome. Must try to catch that. And apropos of nothing really, but I'll pretend it's this commercial, this guy at my office has a gorgeous Scottish accent--thich and rich as butterscotch sliding around on the tongue--and he reminds me of some actor when he talks but I can never remember who. Maybe that guy mentioned above. But anyway. God. Luscious. We have all sorts of imported sorts working at the company. Love those accents. Am a sucker for accents. Love how people can say absolute crap but it sounds like poetry in a different accent.

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