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Anna S.

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the one real suck

The one real suck of my day is that I left my headphones at home. I can't listen to any music. This is *not* *good*. (Emphasis mine John Cusack's.) I knew I shouldn't have brought them into my bedroom at 1:00 a.m. to listen to the techno remix of Bush's "Mouth" and think about Wes and Spike dancing. I knew I wouldn't remember them in the morning and I was right, so there they lie, far out of reach, while I sit here listening to the sound of my fingers on the keyboard.

Also because of this stupidity I am very tired. But I couldn't get to sleep anyway, so why shouldn't I visualize some positively affirming boy-to-boy gyrations? I think it's good for my blood pressure.

I sense the lack of Annie SJ's mitigating influence on LiveJournal today. The kerfuffle-to-porn ratio is all out of whack. Where's the porn gone, mate?

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