Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Link of the day is zortified's BNF guidelines. The definitive, ahem, method of discovering if you are a BNF. Heh. ::sheepishly raises hand, coughs, slinks off now::

In other news, I may not have gotten a bonus this year, but by god I got a plastic slinky! Don't you just love dot-coms? We "rock." (Irony quotes sold separately.)

Got only a few scattered lines written yesterday to my sandx story, and a few edits. Oh well. Will aim for creative burst tonight. Will try to burst just like that girl in the chocolate factory. BOOM.

Did I mention I have a promotional snow globe on my desk for the movie "Fargo"? It shows a little Marge Gunderson kneeling next to a dead sheriff, by an overturned car, with blood on the snow. I picked it up downstairs in our geek room tech repair lab. No, I may not have gotten a bonus this year, but by god I have death in a snowglobe.

Am still wondering why I ordered that Ace of Base CD. It *was* 93 cents, and yet. I think I overpaid.

Random, random, random. I've lost 12 pounds. I did some work today, and thus allayed for the time being any suspicions my boss might have been developing that I am a slacker. Also, in the great tech-industry exodus, another rat has jumped ship--my coworker Z. is going to work at a law firm. E. is in Prague. L. has gone back to school. B. has moved across country with his wife. And S. has been quietly laid off. This place is echoing with the big empty.

And now I think I will get coffee. Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! It will make all things better.

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