Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Angel 5.3

And that's really all I have to say.

Uhhhh...well, okay. Really, when it comes to Smallville, I can expend a lot of thoughtful natter on it (well, thoughtful for me, not thoughtful relative to some of the brilliant analysis that gets done by the hard-core SV fans), because I'm less emotionally invested, but when it comes to Angel, I find myself focusing on incredibly trivial stuff and ignoring other things that might get under my skin if I think about them.

Not a very interesting plot. And as everyone says: why no mention of Oz? And why if you're going to bring up the Initiative, wouldn't you then go on to try and theorize that there might in fact be a connection--sure, the theory would have proved false, but wouldn't it be a *reasonable* starting point? But we don't get that, and why? Because apparently the network suits assume that there are two entirely different, non-overlapping audiences for Angel and BtVS. The network is staffed by morons who grub for ratings like pigs for truffles. I mean, seriously. BtVS is *over*, guys. You can say whatever the fuck you *want*. Like, for instance, where are the hundreds of *slayers* who got zapped into existence just a month or so ago in your wonky timeline?

(I have to say though, that "Cleveland" was a stroke of genius for BtVS, because it gives the Scooby gang one of the few plausible reasons there could have been for them not to immediately head en masse to L.A. That and the destroyed council, which is a good explanation for where Giles, Willow, and Buffy are at least. And hey, we got a nod to that, if not to the council's destruction itself--which in a sane, continuity-rich world would have been mentioned more than once now by Wes and probably Angel, because when it comes to the battle of good versus evil, the ramifications are pretty fucking *huge*. Do we think that tidbit of info got mindwiped? This was all a tangent.)

So anyway. Yeah. I mourn for lost continuity opportunities. Plus, WereWoman was just as dull as I feared, though I was fascinated by her Sharon Stone resemblance all through the episode.

Nice addition to our body of knowledge on werewolves, and really, an interesting spin on the question of to what degree ww's are inherently evil or not because of their curse, and how they might be able to control themselves. If it's just a matter of locking yourself up for 3 nights a month, you have to wonder how many people are out there hiding and maintaining cover. As a retcon, it kind of makes you wonder about Oz's plight as he perceived it. Are we to think that because there are more than one species of ww, the effects might differ? [Edited to add, I seem to have missed the dialogue about how the species *did* differ. Heh. So very unsurprising.] Because werechick seemed just as violent as Oz, no more, no less, though she did just knock Gunn over rather than going for his throat. And yet for Oz, it became this pivotal life-altering angst that sent him away from the woman he loved, and for werechick...not so much. (At least, not so much if this is the last we see of her.) Of course, people's reactions to the affliction are probably going to vary widely. It's not that I have a big problem with the differences as they're presented. It's just food for thought.

Have to wonder if this is really a one-off, or a set-up for a season-long Angel romance. Dear god, I hope not the latter. But if the former, a waste of time.

Wes...there are no words for how much I wanted to wrestle the man to the ground and just paw him and lick him like a big obnoxious dog. Me being the dog, just so we're clear. Dear god. Dear *god*. When we got that last shot of him with the gun, I gave a scream. I did. I could no longer contain myself, with the brimming joy at his scruff and leather.

The fake-out on the Wes/Spike backstory nearly killed me. That was so fucking cruel, I could weep. It's not lost on me that those two are basically playing an utter lack of interest in each other so far. Sigh. Someone else mentioned that Spike had not wanted to talk to Wes because everything he told Wes would get shared with Angel--I must have missed that, blipped the reference. Didn't hear it.

Spike not doing much for me here I have to say, until his last scene with Fred. He seems both overwritten and badly written. Sadness. Am looking forward to next week, though. With trepidation, but still.

I liked the song, but then I've liked it for a long time and know it only from the CD and not from, er, Dawson's Creek or whatever else it might have been slapped onto previously.

The ending was, I thought, meant to be both warming and disturbing. Because it is so very much like the visions that opened last season--everyone sitting around together happily, sharing food--or preparing to--and yet both Connor and Cordy are missing, and we know that except for Angel, no one is even aware of Connor's absence. There seems to be a tacit agreement to avoid talking about Cordelia's. And that's just fucked up on so many levels. There's no *way* we were supposed to take that scene at face value--maybe if you started watching just this season, but otherwise...jesus.

Wes getting as close to outright flirtation with Angel as he's ever going to. Weird. Wes showing his Fred issues in full color. Weird. And no reaction from Gunn. So, not synching up yet. All just very disturbing.

Poor Spike. I think I will go to bed now and allow Wes to kiss his way slowly down his vampire's spine and then do exquisitely lewd things to him.

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