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Smallville 3.3

Notes in real time.

Okay, that was in some ways both the lamest and the freakiest ("Freak!") teaser ever. Lame because, dude. It's just painful at this point to have every mutant in school going ga-ga over Lana. Yes, you get points for meta-snarking yourself. Yes, it's still very tiresome.

So, Lana drove away from the school and then was suddenly in the school swim gym doing laps?

Everyone who watches QaFUS will have recognized Hunter (Harris Allen) as Amphibian Boy.

Oh, and my god--they're lifting plots from "Swim Fan" and copping to it? I feel pity.

Chloe is keeping files on students and already knows their mutant abilities? I feel...pity.

Lex in a swank suit. Excuse me, I must lick my TV.

I can't believe Lionel is making Lex sign a fifty-million dollar life insurance policy so soon after a questionable murder attempt on his life. "It's hard not to consider the implications when your mortality has a dollar sign attached to it." Go, Lex. I'd wonder if he was trying to test Lex to assure himself of his son's trust and love, but you know, he's such a right bastard, as per his stunningly straightforward blackmail of Chloe later, that ascribing him tender feelings and paternal anxiety seems a bit too generous. I'm always disappointed when Lionel is unsubtle; in this case, I just can't imagine what he hopes to get from Chloe in the way of useful future intel when he plays his hand like that.

Clark as Hardy Boy & Chloe as Nancy Drew--the writers aren't even trying to set up the barest minimum of reasonable justifications for their nosy involvement anymore. Because again, with the files on students, Chloe is--really killing me here. I would admire her proactive gumption, except that I'm starting to find her creepy.

The deliberate tally of Lana's stalkers is a better use of meta (for lack of any better word that my brain could supply); I get the sense they're hinting at a real reason why Lana in particular keeps being targeted, though maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Clark's never killed anyone? Hmmm. I have poor long-term memory, but that strikes me as self-delusion. Clark is the kind of guy who seems like he could get comfortable with self-delusion in a big way.

"Smallville's own version of a hate crime." Thank you for more mutant = gay subtext; not new, but always fun. Oh, but wait--later, Jonathan calls them "infected." Huhhh, okay, that's a bit more disturbing than fun in the metaphor department. Especially since all these infected freaks *are* always evil and tolerance is not especially appropriate for people who go around trying to murder other people, despite Clark's attempts to talk the talk (which we know he's doing because he identifies with the freak squad).

Shades of foreshadowing with Lex in a natty suit being hustled away from an assassination attempt by what look like Secret Service guards? Love it. I don't know too much about comics canon. But here's more. Lex: "There must be some reason he picked me." Ooh! Myth arc stuff. High white blood cell count; Lex never gets sick. I'm really curious to know more about what this signifies. Lex, Lex--don't make your dad too curious about your genes. Assuming he doesn't have a huge database on your blood already.

There's actually some good plotting here, with Van getting the hit list from Chloe's files, though I suspect that won't deter her from continuing to keep "notes" in some form, just like her deal with Satan won't deter her from muckraking and playing for both sides in some form or another.

And then there's stupid plotting--excuse me, but *evidence* is outside the sheriff's jurisdiction? She doesn't find it at all odd that Clark has an obvious hit list?

Odd thing to say, but: it was nice to see Clark so badly hurt. Invulnerability is boring, of course. And also: damn, didn't he look nice all stretched out in his blue jeans with his shirt open.

This just gets better: Lex replaying the accident footage! I have to say--I missed the episode last season where Lex showed Helen his Clark Kent shrine, and I've been regretting that ever since.

"These freaks aren't people, Lana. ... Look at Jake. He's my best friend for three years and I had no idea." Gay, yep. And Clark is indeed one of them. Just like Lex! Freak = fag. Freak-lover: fag-lover. I know this is all obvious, but it keeps kinda sorta amusing me. Except when I get disturbed. I'm ambivalent. Because again, the freaks really are painted to be pretty fucking foul, for the most part, rather than object lessons for our sympathy.

"The rumors of your death..." Lame line. Worse, the actress drew it out, and then we had to linger afterwards in contemplative silence.

As I watched this unfold, I was curious as to how Clark would explain stopping the bullets, but apparently Lana's just going to nod and let that one go. Hand-hammered lead breastplate, okay.

Oh, Lex. Don't quote Churchill to your boyfriends.

Nice, nice talk between Lex and Clark. And how much do I love that Lex now thinks he might have survived the crash because of his *own* freakiness? Love! And of course we know that if he's accepting his own freakiness, that means...yes. He's coming to terms with his own homosexuality. (We must carry the metaphor to its logical, if pat conclusion.)

If Clark was *ever* going to tell Lana about himself now would be the time, and he doesn't--he can't. He wants to be the normal boy for her, the way Buffy wants to be the normal girl; he can't stand that she might blame the meteor rock and in turn him for all the crap in her life. Also, he's willing to be alone--he's choosing to be alone here rather than choosing intimacy with Lana. I think it's the first time he's realizing what his future will probably hold.

And then there's Lana pointing out how he can take bullets for her but not open up to her--where if we wanted, we could say that Clark's reluctance signifies that on some level, he realizes...well, you know. That it's not the right path for him. "I may not have a choice." To be alone, or to be...yeah. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Lana: "You always have a choice." No, Lana. It's not a choice. It's an orientation. Lana is the voice of the hegemonic viewing audience, the moral majority. Clark is the symbol of gay love writ large.

I'm kind of drunk.

Ha! I love that Lionel calls Chloe on having a file on Lex. Because you know, word. She is to blame in this case.

And now, Angel.

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