Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I know I'm posting a lot and I'm sorry. This is just to say I feel like crap again. Stomach is good for a while, then ick comes back. I think I am posting this because it is making me kind of obsessive compulsive or something, feeling crappy. Trying to distract myself. STOMACH IS STUPID, STOMACH IS STUPID.

I just needed to say that.

And my head hurts and my chest and I have all these weird shooting pains up from my squishy stomach. This post would have a lot of typos if I weren't obsessively self-correcting to distract myself.

I can't decide if I should play it cool and show what a terribly cool person I am by just nodding gracefully at you all as I collapse into bed or if I should beg with a truly piteous weeping kind of shamelessness for people to write things to distract me and what do you know, I'm going to go with shameless weeping. Because what if I die? Or more importantly what if tomorrow I wake up and I'm a strange greyish color all over and I end up in the hospital with alien lifeforms bursting from my stomach like some insane nightmare vision of David Cronenberg? I want to go out with some last few tiny shreds of pleasure.

Oh lord I feel really rotten. Please imagine me liquifying now.

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