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we are still scary

I am probably the least political person I know, and usually vacillate between shame and ennui about this fact. But I'm starting to freak out at the regular scroll of scary shit that comes through on my friends list. This country, along with a good number of lunatic organizational bodies outside of it, seems to be accelerating and heading right into the wall. Or even, The Wall.

Despite being so feebly political I just read every single word of today's horror story, All the President's Votes?, and I think everyone should go read it. maygra, always far more socially conscious than me and ten other people, pointed it out and also has a post with suggestions on who to write about this issue, i.e., touchpad voting machines.

Mulder is the icon of paranoia and conspiracy theories tonight. (Mulder is the patron *saint* of paranoia and conspiracy theories, come to think.)

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