Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Some people's LJs...

...feel like these really cool bookshops or boutiques that you stumble across and wander into one day and then get immersed in, browsing and meeping with pleasure, and then you leave with your purchases and try to look as if you shop there all the time, privately feeling rather dim because you'd lived a street away from the shop for five years and never gone inside. D'oh.

Anyway, mintwitch recommended an incredibly fascinating post by rozk that I couldn't put down, so to speak, though come to think of it I was in fact holding my laptop upright like a newspaper, so I guess that--you know what, never mind. Anyway, the post is a cool and readable overview of homosexuality throughout history that distracted me from my headache for a while. I wish all history books were this engaging. I might know a bit more than the tiny scraps of random trivia that managed to snag in my brain screen. Plus, she's able to be critical and comparative about historians, which is something I find enviable and kind of sexy, in an I-will-lick-your-lobes-now sort of way.

I still feel rather unwell and it is making me dopey.

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