Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

things I want to rec

1. QaF stomach flu fic by Valerie. Because how fucking apt is *that* today? Plus, if you don't fold over and nearly weep with laughter...uh, what's up with you?

"He seemed distracted for a moment by a passing siren outside, or possibly the lights reflecting off the window, or possibly the imaginary crying of his infant Scotch."

2. thebratqueen's post on indulgence fic, LJ writing, kinks and more. I was especially interested & pleased to see "kinks" used in the same way I use the word, to mean not just sexual things--or not always directly sexual things--but any little oddity that turns our crank. Like, I have a kink for urban skylines glittering at night, and for the idea of a certain vampire making stir-fry for his boyfriend, and for cableknit fisherman's sweaters, and for big leather couches. And basically for money in all its forms. I'm a total materialist, in case you're reading this and were not already aware.

3. carolyn_claire's amazing S/X story, Thirst, which is like a piece of polished driftwood found in the middle of the desert, sculpted and clean and smooth, worked by organic forces into this weird, snarled, and rather scary shape. I mean all that in a good way.

If it were not for these things I would feel totally...eck.

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