Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

a few of my favorite things

I was thinking just now of some of my favorite fannish things, things that affect me, that I can always revisit or that I just remember strongly. Things with reverb and sustain. I'm jotting at work and can't let myself waste too much time today, so in bullet point without context these are things that I think of off the top of my head:

  • The Mulder/Krycek kiss
  • "Revenant" by Kat Allison, a Mulder/Frank Black crossover
  • "Ghosts" and "Lovers" by torch (X-Files)
  • Spock's death
  • Discovering that Wes was keeping Justine in the closet
  • "Victoria's Secret" (dS episode); Ray Vecchio shooting Fraser
  • The scene in due South where Dief escapes and races across the snow and Fraser thinks he's feral and thinks he has to kill him
  • "Dief's in Love," the music
  • "Lover's Walk," the music
  • The theme music and S1-4 credits to "Angel"
  • The ending of the Steelgrave arc on "Wiseguy"; "Knights in White Satin"
  • Fraser and Ray K kissing underwater
  • Blair dying, Blair being revived (Sentinel)
  • Mulder letting someone drill a hole in his own skull
  • "Fool for Love"
  • "The Body"
  • "Flowers for Hobbes" (Invisible Man)
  • Invisible Man -- the pilot
  • "Possession" by Sarah McLachlan, the piano version
  • "Possession," a Sentinel vid by Remi d'Brebant
  • Jim cupping the back of Blair's neck and pulling him close and kissing him on the mouth in the middle of the, wait, I think I just imagined that one
  • The end of "I Only Have Eyes for You" when Spike gets up out of the wheelchair
  • The entirety of "Once More, With Feeling"
  • The end of "Once More, With Feeling" and the end of "Tabula Rasa"
  • "Wesley Rogue Demon" by Mad Poetess & James Walkswithwind
  • "Major Crimes" by Merry Lynne, especially the kitchen scene
  • Mulder's and Bigfoot's true love for each other (and even though torch had to remind me of this, the story is firmly attached to my heart like an adorable barnacle, as is torch herself, come to think)
  • Dude. How could I have forgotten Sisabet's "Battleflag" vid for QaF?
  • And on the show itself: the prom dance, and what happened afterward, and what happened when Brian helped Justin try to remember it. Sniff.
  • Mulder examining Scully's back for marks in the X-Files pilot
  • John Crichton in black leather pants
  • A scene I played in my head for a few years: Jim and Blair, tuxes, grinning at each other, casually dancing together, fingers laced, ties undone, at Rafe's wedding reception--to "Makin' Whoopee" (off the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack)
  • And a few quasi-fannish things I'll allow myself: Michelle Pfeiffer singing "Makin' Whoopee" in "The Fabulous Baker Boys" and the couch sex in "White Palace" (with the sandwich!)
  • "I'll be in my bunk." (Jayne, Firefly) -- hee!
  • Fraser taking a beating in "The Deal," Vecchio beating the crap out of Zuko
  • Dale Cooper, Dale Cooper, Dale Cooper
  • The big, blow-out sex scene in "Smashed"

That's not much of a list. (ETA: But hey, it's getting longer.) I've just realized I could list several more dozen vids and songs and episode moments and stories. I think I'm really just having some due South & Sentinel nostalgia. Oh well. Must work.
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