Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Angel: Just Rewards (2)

So, of all the things that I've mulled over since last night, the one that's got me the most baffled is that demon--was it a Hroxnar?--who comes to meet with Angel. You have here the representative of, presumably, an entire race of demons who eat babies. It's not clear why they do this; maybe as hors d'oeuvres, or as part of magical rituals. But okay: why is this representative coming to W&H to open negotiations to stop eating babies? With whom is he/she/it negotiating? W&H itself? Is W&H arbitrating an agreement between two other parties? Are they representing one side or the other in contract negotiations? It *sounded* as if there was going to be some parley between Angel, as head of W&H, and the Hroxnar, as representative of his race. Who set that up--and without telling Angel? Wes? Gunn? And why, why, *why* would an entire race of demons negotiate with a *law firm* to cease a longstanding cultural practice of baby-eating? Now if the United Nations had sent an ambassador to handle the negotiations on behalf of the human race, I could understand this.

Someone please give Spike a nice Armani suit and mess up his hair a bit. Please? Also, if you were to knock him around and tell him to lower his voice and behave like a good dog, I think you'll find me very understanding.

I think Wes should lock Spike in his closet and train him to certain provide personal services that would be helpful in relieving stress. Then Angel and Wes--and Gunn, if he's interested--can use Spike's in-house, on-call services at any hour of the day or night, having him paged to their offices, under their desks, etc.

I've reached the stage of viewership where my imagination is beginning to air-brush the *actors* so that they more closely resemble the *characters*. The Platonic ideal of the characters.

Please join me in this new, improved consensus reality. Jasmine!

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