Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

I should buy a lottery ticket, too.

So I wander off to lunch, wrist-watchless and tired, and sit and chew my sandwich and stare off into space, and eventually drag myself upright and wander back to the office. I sit down at my desk, open up my workspace, and thirty seconds later the phone rings, and it's these people I was supposed to conference call with. I had completely spaced on the meeting being at 1:00 o'clock and it was now 1:40. But the funny thing was, they were cracking up and apologizing to me because (a) they were supposed to dial me in, and (b) they'd somehow miscommunicated and thought that they *had* dialed me in and that I'd been on the call the entire time, because there was someone else named Anna who'd been looped into the meeting. Also, when I pulled the meeting up I noticed there was no Outlook reminder attached by the sender, so I could say with perfect honesty: "Sorry, I spaced on the meeting and there was no reminder!" And yet still be totally off the hook.

At lunch I ate an almond croissant and stared at the cobblestones and thought about Wes taking Spike out for coffee. The UST was steamy.

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