Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

what's my line?

I've always liked the ice-rink scene in WML, with Buffy and Angel doing their first vamp-face kiss; of course, Angel's discomfort is sort of pointless, as he could have devamped at any time. I mean, I've compared game face to penile tumescence, but in all truth I don't think it's that autonomic.

Spike and Dru are fun here. There's a huge missed opportunity with them: it would have been awesome to see them in historical settings. Spike has the perfect features for 1920s and 30s fashion--how awesome would it have been to see him in flash suits with his hair sleeked back, dancing in a nightclub with Dru? The way he picks her up in the teaser and dances with her for a few moments--it's so winning and epic. It begs more.

Just realized Buffy's neighbor was killed by the worm man, her next-door neighbor. I could have slipped in a reference in noir if I'd been paying attention, since that's the house I imagined the Whosit family living in--the people they visit right after learning of the black-out.

I still want to know where Angel got all those drawings and stuff. And what he needs a desk for.

Angel trapped in the incredibly thin-meshed cage. That ranks right up there in lameness with the scene in "Lover's Walk" when he's flattened by the magic shop door. Snerk. (And, dude, he huddles in the corner of the cage just like Dark Willow's puppy.) Sigh. I try to almost *never* make comparisons between Spike and Angel, but I'm sorry: Spike would have bellowed and kicked that fucking cage wall down. Truth is though, it's not Angel's fault; it's just bad writing. (Likewise the fact that he seems to be rendered sick and weak by ambient sunlight, something we never see again.)

ETA: I just realized for the first time that there's a theatrical pun in the title "What's my line?" Cute.
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